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Source Components: Stream Magic6, Sony X559 ES cd player, LogicDM101 tt / Project phono 2 SE
Headphones: Grado
Amplification: Denon pre and monoblocs
Speakers: Roksan Darius / super tweeters
Accessories: Shanling DAC 50, Atacama Equinox / partington Equipment stands / Target R1 speaker stands / many many ic' and home brew mains cables Segate NAS drive
Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6, Seagat NAS, Sony X559 ES CDP, Shanling DAC 5o, Logic DM101tt/Pro-ject phono2 SE, Denon DAP2500 pre, Denon POA4400A monoblocs, Target R1's, Partington Equipment stands, Atacam Equinox Rack...